Accommodation at the Farm

At Olepangi Farm there are just five charming cottage bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms.  All are outfitted with colonial antiques, fine old Persian carpets and paintings, plus super-comfortable four-poster beds dating back to the British Raj.  Cosy accommodation plus clear highland air at 7,000 feet means most of our guests sleep incredibly well (apart from the frequent dulcet tones of laughing hyena nearby.)  The altitude makes Olepangi Farm a virtually mosquito-free haven.

“An oasis in Laikipia: magic carpets, magnificent textiles, story-filled furniture”

Thesiger Cottage and gardens

We’ve been inspired by the intrepid travellers of Africa and have named our cottages after a few of them.

Thesiger Cottage – this twin-bedded (both double) cottage is named after Wilfred Thesiger, the British-born explorer, Arabist and travel writer who lived for many years in northern Kenya.

Horse riding safaris at the foot of Mount Kenya

Two double beds in Thesiger Cottage

Burton & Speke Cottage – named after the pioneering explorers who discovered the source of the Nile, James Hanning Speke and Sir Richard Burton, this cottage has two bedrooms – one double, one twin-bedded – with an interconnecting veranda – making it ideal for families or friends.

Markham Cottage – this double-bedded cottage is named after Beryl Markham, the British-born Kenyan bush pilot, adventurer, racehorse trainer and author – and the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic from east to west.

Largest of the cottages is the dramatic Round House which has a double bedroom and bathroom plus small balcony on the second floor, and a spacious living room and terrace with lovely views on the first floor.  The Round House also has it’s own private outdoor bathroom and perfect for an evening hot shower under the stars.

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Our architecture has been nominated for an American Institute of Architecture Award.

The Round House with it’s own private living room and upstairs bedroom with sweeping views

Burton Cottage

Absolute comfort!

Our guests have the run of the farm – in particular our ‘Party House’, with its soaring makuti-thatched ceiling, which houses our dining room and bar, drawing room and library.  Guests tell us it’s a wonderful space, again furnished with our personal collection of antique furniture, tribal textiles, oriental rugs and all kinds of interesting objets d’art collected from our travels around the world.

Fondly known as the Party House, enjoy fun filled evenings making cocktails and relaxing by a roaring fire. The perfect place to begin and end your safari.

Fondly known as the Party House, enjoy fun-filled evenings making cocktails and relaxing by a roaring fire.

We are a bit obsessed with books on all sorts of topics and keep a large library in the Party House.  Combine this with comfortable armchairs and sofas in front of the fireplace and tempting drinks at the bar, it’s often difficult to coax guests to do other things.  In the evenings, guests gather on the terrace to watch the sun go down – it’s a lovely place to make new friends – or just put your feet up, relax, reflect and enjoy the view.  Be warned too . . . we’ve been known to have the odd pajama party or even cocktail making competition.

Breakfast is served on a deck hanging over the river with an “Elephant Toothbrush” tree growing up through the middle.  Enjoy a variety of freshly made and baked breakfast foods.  Enjoy a cup of Kenyan coffee or tea with views across the valley!

Breakfast on the deck hanging over the Ngishishi River

Breakfast on the deck hanging over the Ngishishi River