GoWild in the Community

Building relationships with the local community is very important to us at GoWild Africa. We have been working with the local school since first moving into the area and will continue to support it in a variety of projects.

Kenyan kids love to play and be active. We are supporting them in their sporting endeavours by helping out with training and matches after classes and providing equipment and kits. If you would like to come down and join in a training session one of the afternoons you are at the farm please let us know in advance so we may be able to arrange this. Many children in Kenya come to school without any breakfast and no packed lunch. This inhibits their ability to concentrate and learn. We are starting a project to help them develop a school vegetable patch which can be cultivated and produce food used to cook a meal each day for the children. We will also use this opportunity to educate them on farming techniques and basic nutrition so they know about the importance of eating a balanced meal in maintaining health and preventing diseases.

Since school funding is minimal the teachers and students always welcome supplies and euipment. Should you think you will have some un-utilised weight allowance in your luggage and want to bring out some items it would be greatly appreciated. We have prepared a list of items which the school needs and are easy enough to procure in most countries you might be travelling from. Please see the ‘School Shopping List’ which can be downloaded here (insert link to download document) for further information.