Fun on and off the farm

Just some of the activities you can do on the farm:

  • Bush’ yoga: Enjoy the rising sun and dawn chorus with app-lead yoga on our decking. Sumptuous views over the valley and a good stretch to start your day off the right way!
  • Walks around the farm: Either walk independently or we will happily show you around
  • Day Rides: Enjoy an outride in the surrounding community area (approximately 2 hours) or a picnic ride running along the Ole Naishu border (approximately 4 hours). Rides are tailored to your ability.
Riding out from the farm

Riding out from the farm

  • Riding Lessons: We have an all-weather arena where we can conduct beginner and more advanced lessons. Polo lessons can also be arranged for advanced riders. For more info please click here.


  • Community walks: One of our hand picked local guides will take you on an adventurous walk through surrounding “shambas” (Swahili for farm) and ending at a hidden cave and waterfall. Learn how the local farmers make the most of their land and how they collect and manage water for their crops. This walk is approximately 1 hour 30 minutes on uneven ground. Recommend you wear trousers not shorts!

    Visits to local schools

  • Games on the farm: We have a croquet set, badminton net, backgammon, chess and other board games for evenings or (the unusual) rainy day. But be warned, Elizabeth is a bit of a croquet demon!
  • School Visit: If you would like to visit the local school, we can arrange this for you. We like to give back to the local community and the local children love to meet our guest and even play a quick game of football if you are up for it
  • Sundowners:

    Special sundowner cocktails waiting for you at Olepangi

Every evening over dinner we will discuss the following day’s plans. If you have any special requests please do let us know and we will do our best to make it happen.

Olepangi Farm is also be the ideal base for day trips to neighboring areas. Below are a few ideas for you.

Ol Pejeta Conservancy: 1 hour drive (in dry weather) from our boundary. This conservancy has a Rhino sanctuary, a Chimpanzee enclosure and various community/wildlife projects worth visiting.

Rhino at Ol Pejeta Conservancy

Rhino at Ol Pejeta Conservancy

Day rides/drives into Lolldaiga Hills: If you are not joining us on one of our Lolldaiga safari itineraries don’t worry, we are still able to take you for the day.  Joseph and team can pack up a picnic lunch and after an early breakfast we can take you into Lolldaigas, either on horseback or in a 4×4, for a day exploring 49,000 acres of the most beautiful ranch in Kenya.

Day trip into Samburu National Reserve:  One of our favourite places with some of the most beautiful landscapes in Kenya.  A two-hour easy drive to the main gate.  Take a picnic and relax by the river in the heat of the day.  We can show your our secret places.

Samburu National Reserve

Climbing Ololokwe: One of our favourite places in Kenya is Ololokwe Mountain.  From it’s flat top the views to northern Kenya are sublime.  We hike up the steep slope through the high altitude forest full of acacia trees, pencil cedar, cycad palms and podocarpus trees.  Mt. Ololokwe summit is 2000m and here we can explore the various viewpoints. On one side is the Mathews Range with its Warges Peak (2600) majestically standing out. On the other are expansive plains extending to Nyambene Hills in the southeast.  Namunyak Conservation area is a Samburu community run conservancy that acts as a dispersal area for the wildlife from Samburu and Meru Parks. Our visit to this conservancy goes along way to help encourage the local people to conserve and protect their environment.

Climbing Ololokwe

Fancy a climb?

At the top of the world with our Samburu guide Lesepe! The views to the North go on forever.

At the top of the world with our Samburu guide Lesepe! The views to the North go on forever.

Ngare Ndare Forest Walk: From Olepangi Farm it is possible to visit to the nearby Ngare Ndare Forest, where you can enjoy a private swim in the jade forest pools of this forest on the slopes of Mount Kenya.  Accompanied by your guide and an armed ranger, you will walk along a forest track to a glorious pool filled by a high waterfall. After a bracing swim you can either continue walking or drive along the forest track until you reach the elevated canopy walkway. Eighty feet up, this wood and wire suspension bridge extends for about 400m beneath the forest canopy. From on high you will experience surround-sound birdcall and the tranquility of the forest. The walkway ends at a wooden deck 30 feet high, where you can relax and enjoy a view of the river from this elevated vantage point. Elephants and buffalo frequently come here to drink and wallow, and lucky guests may see leopard and even the occasional lion.

Monkeys in the trees

Monkeys in the trees

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A cooling dip in the crystal clear waters of the Blue Pools

Climb Mt Kenya: Olepangi Farm is just a short 20 minute drive from Sirimon gate. This is a very scenic and popular route up the mountain and we have a selection of hand picked guides who can take you up there. For those wanting even more adventure we advice going up Chogoria and back down Sirimon. If you do plan to climb up Mt Kenya it is very important to have the right gear. Please ask us and we can send you a full recommended clothing list.

Getting to the peak is a huge achievement! Climbing activities

Getting to the peak is a huge achievement!