Discover the magic of Kenya with GoWild Africa from Olepangi Farm

“Olepangi Farm is old world charm, amazing hospitality and great attention to detail.”

Kenya is a magical┬áland. It leaves visitors spell bound with its wonders of epic landscapes, magnificent wildlife and unique peoples. Olepangi Farm, the home of GoWild Africa, nestles in the foothills of Mount Kenya, on the edge of miles and miles of wildlife conservancies. GoWild Africa is a small, family-run business that seeks to connect you to what we love most about Kenya. It’s not a job; it’s our passion. Our safaris are intimate, un-commercialised experiences taking you to places less travelled in Kenya, yet full of all the majesty expected of a holiday in this part of the world. We offer excitement, wonder and above all else camaraderie and laughter.

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